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How to enable Parts with multiple inventory lines
How to enable Parts with multiple inventory lines

Import process for updating part records prior to "Enable Parts with multiple inventory lines"

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Available On: Professional and Business Plus

To convert your current single Part records into Parts with multiple inventory lines, it's crucial to associate each record with a unique part number. The most efficient approach is to update all records with their respective part numbers before making any setting changes. This ensures a smooth and organized transition. 🔄📋🔧

🚫⚠️The following steps need to be completed in a seamless process, without interruption and without parts transactions occurring.🚫⚠️

How to enable Multiple Inventory Lines

  1. Export current parts data

  2. In the spreadsheet, locate the “Part number” column

  3. Associate every grouping of parts with a unique part number

  4. Ensure each line item with a matching part number has a unique location (1 null value will equal a “No Location”

  5. Import new parts data

  6. Admin user will have to physically enable in Settings page

  7. Select to “Group Parts” button

  8. Navigate to Parts & Inventory - Validate grouping & new layout

🔍⚠️Warning:All parts would need to have a part number in order to be visible with this settings ⚠️🔍

💡You can disable this at any time by going back to the settings page of your account

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