Getting Your Team Started with UpKeep

This doc will help you help your team get ready to use UpKeep

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With each new program you adopt, it's crucial to ensure your team uses it effectively and happily. We understand this can be a challenge, so we've made it as easy as possible for you. Here are the most important things you need to share with your team to get started on UpKeep!

Let Your team know you will be sending an email to them with details on how to long into Upkeep and set their password.

Template: Hey Team!

As you all have heard we are now using UpKeep to track and manage the maintenance work that needs to be done. I will be adding all of you to the account and once i do you will receive and email from [email protected] that will contain your user name and a BLUE link that you will need to click on to set up your password.

I am sure all of you are interested in UpKeep and will want to see what it is about, that is fine, but please do not log in or sign up until you have received the email from us adding you to the account.

Any questions let us know!


Add your team to your Account

You will need to asses what user type each team member needs to be. Find out more about the user types here.

For How to Add/Invite your team to UpKeep click here.

Email your team the links to download the mobile app and how to log in

Template: Hey team!

Now that you have been invited to the Upkeep account and should have set your passwords, you can now download the Mobile app to your phone and log into your account and do work from there. Click on the links below to download the mobile app and find instructions on how to log in!

Once you get the mobile app downloaded, please take time to review the videos listed in the link i sent you above. This is going to help you understand how the mobile app works.

If you have questions or don't understand please reach out to [email protected] and they will help you will all your questions!

Have a good day!


Have your team take our UpKeep Courses and become certified in Upkeep

UpKeep Certified is our comprehensive training program designed to equip users with the knowledge and skills needed to maximize the benefits of the UpKeep CMMS platform.

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