Without a centralized place for technicians to receive updates, they have to search individual work orders, making it common for work to slip through the cracks.

However, with the notifications hub, technicians can simply return to the same hub each day to be updated on the exact status of their work! Users are also able to seamlessly navigate from the hub into their work through the notification, saving precious time otherwise wasted on searching for certain work orders.

The notifications hub is available on the iOS and Android mobile apps! Click the links below to download the app if you haven't already!

Notes on the Notifications Hub functionality:

  • All push notifications will appear in the Notifications Hub located on the home screen

  • Users can mark notifications as read

  • Clicking on a push notification takes the user to the specific object where the update occurred

  • Notifications will be broken out chronologically for easy reading

  • When users have unread notifications, there will be an indicator on the home screen bell

  • Users do NOT have to have push notifications turned on in order for the notifications hub to start populating with notifications.

To access the Notifications Hub:

On the Home Screen, tap on the bell icon on the top right!

On the notifications hub, you can see which work orders you received a notification for and tap into it to open the work order details! Check out the GIF below!

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