How to Edit and Make Changes to an existing Custom Dashboard

Learn about Edit Mode in a Custom Dashboard

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How to Edit a Dashboard

Editing an existing dashboard is the same as creating a new dashboard. Once you are in Edit mode, you can edit the dashboard.

To edit an existing dashboard, select Edit dashboard from the dashboard menu:

From there you enter edit mode, where you can add, move, edit, or delete tiles or filters, or edit the dashboard title.

TIP: You can tell you’re in edit mode in a dashboard by the blue toolbar at the top of the dashboard.

To discard edits you’ve made to the dashboard since entering edit mode:

  1. Click Cancel

  2. A Discard changes? dialog box appears to confirm you want to cancel changes

  3. Click Discard to cancel your changes and exit edit mode

To save edits you made to the dashboard:

  1. The Save button becomes enabled

  2. Click on Save to save your edits and exit edit mode

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