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How to upload Files to UpKeep and to a Work Order
How to upload Files to UpKeep and to a Work Order

Learn to upload photos, PDFs, and MP4 files to your UpKeep account

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Available On: Starter, Professional and Business Plus

NOTE: When uploading files to UpKeep, it needs to be no larger than 40MB and will only accept PDF, png, jpeg, and MP4!
Right now, those are the only accepted file formats for UpKeep.

TIP: If you have PDFs that are larger than 40MB, you may need to try compressing them into a smaller size or splitting them into separate files under 10MB each.

Upload a file to (UpKeep in) the Files Section

TIP: be sure to label or rename your Files before or after uploading them. The Files section is limited to 50 files at a time, so you may need to utilize the search bar to find your file.

  1. Navigate to the File section in your UpKeep account

  2. Click on +File

  3. Then click on the File Drop box to upload files (or drag and drop from your desktop into this box)

  4. Then click Upload file

How to Add a File to a Work Order

NOTE: These steps are for adding files you already have uploaded and saved in UpKeep to a work order, location, asset, or part!

  1. Open any existing work order (or create a new one first)

  2. Navigate to the File section of the work order, towards the bottom

  3. Click on the + sign or + Attach File

  4. A pop-up list will appear

  5. Select the existing file from your Files section (you can use the search bar to search for it)

  6. Then click Add File

TIP: To upload a new file and add it to the work order in one step, follow the steps above, but click on Upload file first! Once uploaded, the file will appear at the top of the list for you to select!

How to Add a File to a Location/Asset/Part

  1. Navigate to the section you're looking for

  2. Open the details for any location/asset/part

  3. Then, click on the Files tab

  4. Finally, click on the File Drop box (for a new file from your computer) or + Add Uploaded File (for an existing file already in UpKeep)

  5. Once your file is selected, click on Start Upload

For Locations:

For Assets:

For Parts:

Adding Files on the Mobile App

The mobile app also has the files section available. Files can be added in that section or in the Files area of a work order.

NOTE: Usually on the mobile app, you will be adding a video or photo. You can always add photos to work order details.

  1. Navigate to your Settings (top right on the Home screen; gear button) in the app

  2. Tap on the Files section

  3. Then, tap on Add

  4. Choose a file from your mobile device

  5. Finally, tap Choose to upload

NOTE: Alternatively, the Files view is found when tapping on Add File in a work order as well. Tapping Add is to add a new file to your UpKeep account. Saved on Cloud is to attach an existing file to the work order.

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