How to Add Photos to Work Orders

This article explains how you can add and annotate photos on work orders on mobile.

With the ability to take, annotate, and attach images to your work orders in UpKeep, you can quickly and efficiently report problems and create specific and detailed requests and work orders.

Take a photo right from inside the UpKeep mobile app, annotate the image, and add it directly to your work order. 

You also can add images to work order updates. 


Detailed Walkthrough

Step 1: When creating or editing your work order, click Add Image.

Step 2: Snap your photo directly from your phone or select from a picture you already have in your library.

Step 3: If you want to give detail, annotate the image with drawing and text.

Step 4: Once you're finished adding all your details, click "Done" in the upper right hand corner.

Your photo will now be attached to the work order.


Our images feature is part of our Starter plan package.

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