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What is a meter? What is it used for? How to use it? etc...

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What are Meters?

Certain types of equipment and assets demand meticulous monitoring of metrics such as PSI, gallons, miles, and more to ensure their optimal functioning. This is where Meters come into play. Meters can be established and associated with Work Orders, enabling workers to regularly update readings, thereby maintaining accurate records of equipment performance. πŸ“ŠπŸ”§πŸššπŸ­

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An Example

The admin or technician will create a meter for a truck. The purpose of this meter is to keep track of how much fuel is in the tank so that it can be refueled as need.

He/she will create a Meter Trigger that is based on conditions. He will specify something like - if the meter reading is less than a specified amount of liters, then create a Work Order that gets the worker to refill the fuel tank.

A Preventive Maintenance Trigger can then be created to have someone go and manually check the fuel tank and update the meter.

This way, fuel content in his truck can be monitored right from his Upkeep account.

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