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How to Create Meter Work Order Triggers
How to Create Meter Work Order Triggers

Automatically generate a work order based on your meter readings!

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Available On: Starter, Professional and Business Plus

By using Meters, you can quickly have work orders appear for work that needs to be done according to meter readings. For example: say you need to change the oil on a motor every 16,000 hrs and you log those hours through a Meter. You can have a work order fire off, the moment 16,000 hours has been entered.

This article explains how to create Meter Work Order Triggers and how to edit the Baseline for your Triggers. With our Business Plus Plan you will have the option to have more fields filled out on the Work order when it is created. All other Plans have access to the Basics.

How to Create Work Order Trigger on Web

  1. Navigate to the Meters section

  2. Select the Meter you’d like to set a work order trigger for

  3. Then click on Create Trigger

  4. Set up Trigger and Work Order details

  5. You can set this to trigger each time the meter reading is

    1. Less than, greater than, equal to, or reaches every (whatever value you select)

  6. Work Order Title (required)

  7. Work Order Description (optional)

  8. Assign Main Worker (optional)

  9. Once you’re finished, click Add Trigger!

💡These additional work order details are also only available on the Business Plus Plan

  • Adding Images

  • Estimated Duration

  • Set Priority

  • Assign Category

  • Assign Additional Workers

  • Assign Team

  • Assign to a Location

  • Assign Asset

  • Purchase Order

  • Form Items

  • Files

  • Require Signature

How to Create Work Order Trigger on Mobile

  1. Start in the Meters section

  2. Tap on the Meter that you’d like to set up a trigger for

  3. Then tap Work Order Triggers

  4. Tap on the + button on the lower right of your screen

  5. Enter in your trigger, work order title, and description

  6. Finally, select Add to save the trigger!

How to Edit the Work Order Triggers Baseline

With the web application, you can see your current baseline for the Meter work order trigger. You can edit this baseline to start the meter readings from a certain value!

  1. Start in the Meters section

  2. Select the Meter that you’ll be editing the trigger for

  3. Under Work Order Triggers, click on the pencil to edit the trigger

  4. You’ll then see a field for Baseline – update the value in that field to change the baseline

  5. Finally, click Save to save your changes!

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