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Basic Understanding of Meters
Basic Understanding of Meters
What is a meter? What is it used for? How to use it? etc...
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What are Meters?

Some types of equipment/assets, require that you keep track of certain things like PSI, gallons, miles, etc. to ensure that it is in good working condition. This is where Meters fall in. Meters can be created and linked with Work Orders which allow the worker to update readings on a periodic basis.

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An Example

The admin or technician will create a meter for a truck. The purpose of this meter is to keep track of how much fuel is in the tank so that it can be refueled as need.

He/she will create a Meter Trigger that is based on conditions. He will specify something like - if the meter reading is less than a specified amount of liters, then create a Work Order that gets the worker to refill the fuel tank.

A Preventive Maintenance Trigger can then be created to have someone go and manually check the fuel tank and update the meter.

This way, fuel content in his truck can be monitored right from his Upkeep account.

Quick Run-through

1 - You are able to access the Meters section by clicking on the Meters tab which is found on the left panel of Upkeep.

Clicking on it will take you to the Meters page which displays the full list of Meters that you have set up.

2 - On the top right, you will see the option to add a new meter.

3 - Clicking on it provides you with a form in which you need to fill in the details of the Meter.

4 - Once you have entered the details, click on the submit button to save it.

5 - You will then see the Meter in the list. You can click on it from the list to open its details.

Marked in RED is where the user will be updating the Meter reading. Meter readings can also be updated directly within the Work Order if they are linked by a task. All these readings are stored in Upkeep.

6 - You can also create Meter triggers. Meter triggers to fire off a Work Order based on the specified conditions by you.

7 - When you click on the option to create a new trigger, you are presented with the following screen.

This is where you specify the conditions under which a Work Order is generated. This is a useful form of automation that ensures that the proper action is taken to avoid equipment failure.

For questions or concerns please reach out to Support at [email protected] or via chat in your Upkeep account under Contact US.

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