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How long do the batteries last in the sensor?

It depends on things like the frequency of transmission, temperature, etc.

However, on average, the battery will last for 2-4 years and can be easily replaced.

You can also check the battery on the UpKeep Sensors application.

Which industries do you serve?

We serve a wide variety of industries from manufacturing, food and beverage, facilities management, government, property management, and much much more!

Check out all of the different industries here: https://www.onupkeep.com/industries

How do the sensors integrate into the UpKeep Maintenance Management application?

With UpKeep sensors you’ll be able to set a high limit and low limit thresholds in the application. Once a sensor reaches that threshold, an incident will be created and you will be immediately notified. From there, you’ll be able to create a work order and assign it to UpKeep Maintenance Management.

Can I connect my own sensors to UpKeep?

Right now the UpKeep sensors platform does not allow users to use their own sensors. However, part of our roadmap by the end of this year is to support that!

If you are looking to integrate your own sensors with UpKeep Maintenance Management, you can easily do so using our developer APIs and our “Meters” section here: http://developers.onupkeep.com/

Is there a return policy on the sensors?

No. All sales are final for UpKeep Sensors.

Please contact us at [email protected] with any questions.

How often do sensor readings come in?

You can set the sensor readings to send data every 10-60 minutes.

They are limited to 10 minutes to preserve the battery and reduce the amount of bandwidth taken up.

Will I get notified when the batteries are low on the sensor?


After you connect the sensor to your gateway and to your UpKeep account, you’ll be able to see the battery level within the UpKeep Sensors application.

For further questions or information please reach out to technical support to have them get you in touch with your account rep. You can open a chat from with in your account or send an email to [email protected]

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