FAQs on Sensors Set Up

FAQs on sensors set up

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Do you have open APIs for UpKeep Sensors?

Yes, you can check out the Open API for UpKeep Edge here:

What if I don’t have cellular service inside my facility?

Right now, this is the only gateway option that we have. Stay tuned though! Over the next few months, we’ll release a gateway that you can plug into the ethernet.

How do I connect the temperature sensors inside of a closed refrigerator?

Yes, you can! The best way to do this is through this method. You’ll want to use the probe sensor, for connection to the gateway you’ll need to place the sensor outside the fridge, place the probe inside the refrigerator under a slow heating / slow cooling liquid.

Will the radio frequency waves go through walls?

Yes!! The radio waves can go through up to 12 walls and span multiple different floors even!

However, this may limit the overall long-range of each sensor to the gateway.

How do the sensors connect to the gateway and to the internet?

Sensors connect to the gateway through radio frequency (RF). Each gateway can support up to 100 different UpKeep sensors.

The gateway itself connects to a Verizon wireless cellular LTE network which packages the sensor readings and sends them to the cloud every few minutes depending on your frequency.

How far can the sensors reach?

The maximum range for the sensors to reach the gateway is 1,200 feet from the gateway.

However, it depends on the facility and its surroundings.

For example, walls may limit the range of the sensors to under 1200 feet.

Do I need a gateway for my sensors? Can I plug my sensors in directly to a wifi?

All sensors need to connect directly to the gateway. You must purchase an UpKeep gateway in order for sensors to be connected to your UpKeep account.

As of today, we don’t support WiFi-enabled gateways. The only gateways we support at cellular gateways which don’t need WiFi.

Can I just buy the sensors separately?

No. You must also have both an UpKeep Sensors and UpKeep Maintenance Management software license.

UpKeep Sensors integrates directly into UpKeep Maintenance Management and will not work on its own as a standalone product.

Do I have to connect the gateway and sensors to a wifi connection?

Nope! Our gateways use a Verizon LTE network to transmit and send data through a cellular connection.

Therefore no WiFi is needed!

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