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Top 5 Fleet Management workflows

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Create work order when a task is flagged during an inspection

Our fleet managers understand how important it is to keep the vehicles in good working order so they can be used safely and effectively. This workflow saves our managers time by creating a work order as soon as an asset is flagged during an inspection. By taking action immediately, managers decrease their cost in repairs and ensure their fleet is in top shape to have the best outcome in vehicle and testing and inspections.

IF Task is updated > AND Value Equal to Flag > THEN Create Work Order

Approve purchase order when a category is assigned

When it comes to fleet maintenance, repairs are crucial to keeping vehicles downtime at a minimum. With this workflow, our fleet managers save time from having to manually approve important purchase order requests and ensure they are approved in real-time so the process of getting an important purchase order fulfilled has no delays.

IF Purchase Order is created > AND Category is Important > THEN Approve Purchase Order

Assign request to a team when the location is assigned

Data integrity is imperative for accurate reporting. With this workflow, our fleet managers never have to worry that their work orders are being categorized incorrectly. This workflow eliminates the ability for human error by automatically assigning the correct category to a request when a particular team is assigned. Not only does this workflow save time for the fleet managers but also saves time for the work order creator but auto-filling a field on their work order.

IF Request is created > AND Request is assigned to Location > THEN Assign Team to Request

Assign work order to team when category is assigned

Drivers spend most of the time in vehicles. They will often be the first person to see a warning light or signal for a vehicle and be responsible for reporting the service needed. This workflow allows the drivers to notify the maintenance team directly and in real-time when a service is needed for one of the vehicles. This workflow removes the manager as the middle man and expedites the process of getting a vehicle serviced as soon as the notice appears.

IF Work Order is created > AND Work Order Category is warning > THEN Assign to Maintenance Team

Send e-mail notification to the team when work order category is assigned

Finance teams may not always be invited to a company’s UpKeep account and therefore can feel out of the loop. With this workflow, the finance team can receive updates when work orders are closed in real-time and run reporting to reconcile time and cost for each asset.

IF Work Order is created > AND Work Order Category is damage > THEN Send Work Order Reminder Email to Procurement team

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