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Top 5 equipment management workflows

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Approve high priority request assigned to a specific category

Our Equipment Managers don’t want to delay an important request getting approved due to a manual approval process. With this workflow, our managers save time and can rest easy knowing the important requests are being prioritized.

IF Request is created > AND Priority is High AND Category is Important > THEN Approve Request

Assign request to a team when the category is assigned

Our customers can create multiple teams within their UpKeep account. Many of our equipment managers will create teams to group their technicians based on their specialties and/or capabilities. By automatically assigning the relevant team when a request is categorized, our equipment managers reduce the time spent on assigning technicians and making sure the teams are notified in real-time.

IF Request is created > AND Work Order Category is > THEN Assign Team to Work Order

Approve purchase order with a specific category

This workflow helps ensure all orders for essential supplies and services are placed automatically and are not delayed due to a manual approval process. It saves our Equipment Manager’s time and fulfills their purchase orders more efficiently.

IF Purchase Order is Created > AND Purchase Order Category is... > THEN Approve Purchase Order

Send email notification to manager when an asset at a specific location has been damaged

This workflow helps our Equipment Managers gain an immediate understanding of which assets have been damaged by receiving updates in real-time. They can then run reports to reconcile time and cost for each asset per location.

IF Work Order is closed > AND Work Order Category is Damaged and Work Order is assigned to Asset AND Work Order is assigned to a Location > THEN Send Work Order Reminder Email to Equipment Manager

Send email notification to team when work order with specific category has closed

Value: Finance teams may not always be invited to a company’s UpKeep account and therefore can feel out of the loop. With this workflow, the finance team can receive updates when work orders are closed in real-time and run reporting to reconcile time and cost for each rented asset versus assets owned.

IF Work Order is closed > AND Category is > THEN Email Procurement team

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