How to Filter your Purchase Orders
Filter your purchase orders so you can export them onto a CSV spreadsheet and find what you are looking for!
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Once you’ve learned how to create purchase orders and fulfill them, you might need to learn how to filter them so you can export them onto a CSV spreadsheet. This article explains exactly how to filter your purchase orders and export them!

NOTE: The Purchase Order module is currently only available on the Business Plus plan.

How to Filter your Purchase Orders

  1. Start in the Purchase Orders section

  2. On the top left, click on the Filter button

  3. Use the filters to show you the purchase orders you’re looking for:

  • Status

  • Category

  • Total Cost (Either or both Minimum and Maximum)

  • Date Created

  • Due Date

  • Created By User

  • Vendor

Once your purchase orders are filtered, click Export to download them onto a CSV file!

How to Customize your Table View of Purchase Orders

You can also customize the table view to show you certain fields by clicking Table Customization on the top right:

  • Title

  • Total Cost

  • Vendor

  • Status

  • PO Number

  • Total Quantity

  • Date Added

  • Category

  • # of Items

  • Due Date

  • Approved By

Make sure the fields you need are checked off and click Apply!

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