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How to Create Custom Purchase Order Categories
How to Create Custom Purchase Order Categories
Create purchase orders and categorize them for reporting purposes and identify trends
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With UpKeep’s Business Plus Plan, you can create purchase orders to send to your vendors. If you apply categories to your purchase orders, you can further customize and categorize your purchase order data! This article will briefly explain how to create and edit your purchase order categories.

Customizing your categories can be extremely important for you and your team. It can help with reporting purposes and identifying trends such as what parts you are restocking lately. Or you can use it to better organize, filter, and sort your purchase orders. Use these custom categories to take control of your data.

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How to Create Purchase Order Categories

  1. Navigate to the Categories section

  2. Then click on the Purchase Order tab

  3. Select + Category to create a new category

  4. *Or click on the 3 vertical dots next to an existing one to edit it!

Once your categories are all set up, you’ll be able to select them when creating a new purchase order!

TIP: Example of purchase order categories could be purchase codes, cost codes, or general ledger codes! Whatever it may be, use this customization to maximize your team’s productivity!


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