With UpKeep, you have the ability to update settings for your team. Use these settings to maximize your team’s productivity and streamline your workflow! This article explains the different settings that you’ll have available to you and your team!

Where to Find your General Settings

  1. Navigate to the Settings tab within your account.

  2. This is found on the lower left-hand side of your web application

Common User and Business-Wide Settings

  • Language: There are currently four languages available with UpKeep – English, Spanish, Arabic, and German

  • Date Format: Choose from two date formats – MM/DD/YY or DD/MM/YY that you can select for the Work Orders list view

  • Currency: Select your team’s desired currency

  • Business Type: You can choose the Business Type for your company to have a familiar naming convention

  • Timezone: Select the Timezone that you are utilizing the application in

Work Order Settings

  • Auto-assign Work Orders: New work orders created will be auto-assigned to the person who created them

  • Auto-assign Requests: If a new work order is created from a request will be auto-assigned to the person who approved the original work request

  • Disable Closed Work Order Notifications: Notifications will not be sent if a Closed Work Order is updated

  • Ask for feedback when Work Order is Closed: Allow users to provide feedback on the work order via an email notification

  • Enable Work Order Updates for Requesters: Requesters will receive updates for the work orders they submitted

  • Work Order Start Count: This is the number your next work order created will increment from

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