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How to Create Floor Plans
How to Create Floor Plans

Leverage UpKeep to create an interactive Floor Plan, providing your team with a map of your facility, enhancing navigation and efficiency

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Available On: Business Plus

How to Add a Floor Plan to your Location

  1. Click on the desired Location

  2. Select the Floor Plans tab

  3. Select + Floor Plan

  4. Add in the Details: Name your Floor Plan; Select the Floor Plan Area; Add your Floor Plan Image

  5. Select Add Floor Plan

  6. Finally, Add Floor Plan to save!

How to Add your Mapping Points

  1. Select the desired Location

  2. Then, select the Floor Plans tab

  3. Select + Mapping Point

  4. Next, choose either an Asset Mapping Point or a Custom Mapping Point 

  5. Select the desired item and a Pointer Color

  6. Click Add Mapping Point 

  7. Finally, click anywhere on your Floor Plan to add Mapping Point!

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