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How to Filter the Work Orders Page on Web
How to Filter the Work Orders Page on Web
In this article we will go over all of the filtering Options within our Work Orders page for our web application.
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In Upkeep you can filter down your Work orders list page, so that you see only the work you need to be working on. To do this you set and select the filters that apply to the Work Orders you need to see, such as Location, Asset or user assigned.

How to Filter your Work Orders

TIP: By default, admins will see all work orders for your entire team that has not been marked complete.

  1. Navigate to your Work Orders section

  2. The Filters bar has 8 buttons that you can select

  3. Once the work orders you are looking for are filtered into your view, you can export them!


  1. Additional Filters - use this to further specify which work orders you are filtering

    1. Includes Reactive vs Repeating WOs, Archived, additional date filters, asset filtering, and more!

  2. Assignee - You can filter by the users assigned to the work orders

  3. Location - you can filter by the locations your work orders are assigned to

  4. Due Date - you can filter your work orders by the due date

    1. Due date is different from Created Date, Completed Date, and Last Updated Date (which are all found under #1 - Additional Filters)

  5. Work Order Status - you can filter by whether your work orders are open, on hold, in progress, or complete!

  6. Priority - you can filter your work orders by its high, medium, or low priority

  7. Quick Filters - see tip below, this is to open any quick filters you've saved

TIP: If the search filter selected does not return any work orders, try adjusting the chosen filters. Remove the filters one by one to see what filters do not work.

For questions or concerns please reach out to Support at [email protected] or via chat in your Upkeep account under Contact US.

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