How to Filter your Work Orders

TIP: By default, admins will see all work orders for your entire team that has not been marked complete.

  1. Navigate to your Work Orders section
  2. The Filters bar has 8 buttons that you can select
  3. Once the work orders you are looking for are filtered into your view, you can export them!


  • The first option on the left opens up additional filters that you can use to further specify which work orders you are filtering.
  • The last one on the right is to open any quick filters you’ve saved. See the tip below.
  • The other 6 in-between include filtering by assignee, location, due date, work order status, priority, and bookmarked work orders!

TIP: If the search filter selected does not return any work orders, try adjusting the chosen filters. Remove the filters one by one to see what filters do not work.

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