Keeping track of your third-party vendors and your customer information is vital for accurate reporting, invoicing, and issuing accurate purchase orders. With UpKeep, you can easily enter vendor and/or customer information to then attach to work orders, assets, and parts.

You can collaborate seamlessly through the web app or on mobile to efficiently complete tasks with external team members whether you’re in or out of the office. And make sure you’re keeping track of customers and the work you do for them!

You can also use this feature to quickly reference your Vendor or Customer information without having to dig through your papers or another system.

NOTE: Vendors & Customers are not actual users in your UpKeep account so they cannot log into UpKeep nor will they receive any notifications.

Already have a list of your vendors and customers? Check out the buttons below on importing vendors and customers!

How to Add a Vendor

  1. Navigate to the "Vendors & Customers" tab

  2. Click the "+ Vendor" button

  3. Fill out your vendor's information

  4. Click "Add Vendor"

TIP: If you import your vendors, the maximum amount in each CSV is 200. The total maximum amount of Vendors you can add to your UpKeep is 1000.

How to Add a Customer

  1. Navigate to the "Vendors & Customers" tab

  2. Switch from the "Vendor" toggle to the "Customers" toggle at the top

  3. Click the "+ Customer" button

  4. Fill out your customer's information

  5. Click "Add Customer"

TIP: If you are going to import your customer information, the maximum amount in each CSV is 200. The total maximum amount of customers you can add is 1000.

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