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How to create and Edit Vendors & Customers

How to add Vendors and Customers to your Upkeep account

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Available On: Starter, Professional and Business Plus

Managing third-party vendors and customer info is crucial for accurate reporting and invoicing in UpKeep. Easily input and use this data in Work Orders, Purchase Orders, and Preventive Maintenance.

This feature acts as a convenient reference point, saving you from paperwork hassles. Note that Vendors and Customers aren't actual users in UpKeep.

Already have lists? Check out import options below! πŸ“ŠπŸ“πŸ€

How to Add a Vendor

Vendors can include external contractors, supplier and service providers. Follow the steps to add in your Vendors.

  1. Navigate to the "Vendors & Customers" tab

  2. Click the "Create Vendor" button

  3. Fill out your vendor's information

  4. Click "Create Vendor"

How to Add a Customer

Customers would be people external to your UpKeep account that your team is providing service for. To add your customers follow the steps.

  1. Navigate to the "Vendors & Customers" tab

  2. Switch from the "Vendor" toggle to the "Customers" toggle at the top

  3. Click the "Create Customer" button

  4. Fill out your customer's information

  5. Click "Add Customer"

How to Edit Vendors and Customers

If you need to make changes, you have the ability to edit your Vendors and Customers information.

  1. Select the desired Vendor/Customer

  2. Select the Edit Button

  3. Make your Desired Changes

  4. Select Save Changes

πŸ’‘Need to make a Bulk Update? Use the Importing/Exporting Functions

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