How to Upload Work Order History

This article explains how your team admin can migrate your work order history in to UpKeep

  1. Download Work Order Template. Click Here
  2. Enter in the below data fields for each Work Order
  3. Work Order Title
  4. Work Order Description
  5. Priority (0-3)
  6. Asset ID
  7. Location ID 
  8. Category
  9. Main Worker ID 
  10. Team Assigned ID 
  11. Due Date (mm/dd/yyyy Time)
  12. Time (Number)
  13. Cost
  14. Created by ID 
  15. Archived (Y/N)
  16. Status (Open/On Hold/In Progress/Closed
  17. Work Order #
  18. Requires Signature (Y/N)
  19. Request By ID
  20. Requested by Email Address
  21. Assigned Additional Worker ID 
  22. End Due Date (stop repeating on this date)
  23. Set Repeating Schedule
  24. Part ID 
  25. Quantity
  26. File ID 
  27. Form Template ID 
  28. Save Work Import Data Collection Sheet as a .CSV
  29. Import in to UpKeep

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