Adding Locations and Sub-locations

  • Adding Locations 
  • Adding Sub-locations

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Adding locations is a foundational function within UpKeep. Locations tell technicians where they should go to complete their work. Assign parts and assets to locations so you know exactly where they are at all times. 

Adding Locations

  1. Access your Locations settings by selecting Facility Locations/Properties 
  2. On the Locations page, click "+ Location"
  3. Add a Facility Name
  4. Add your full street Address
  5. Enable Include Map Coordinates for Location
  6. Click Save

Adding Sub-locations

Get granular with your locations and create sub-locations for units, buildings, rooms and more. Attached parts and assets to rooms to keep track of all your inventory across locations. 

  1. Access your Locations settings by selecting Facility Locations/Properties
  2. Select the Location
  3. Click arrow next to Location
  4. Click "+ Add Sublocation"
  5. Add name
  6. Select save

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