How to Filter the Work Orders Page on Mobile
This article will show you how to navigate the Work Orders Page on Mobile devices.
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In the Upkeep Mobile App you have the ability to go to and see the main work orders page that will show you all work orders for the company or that you are specifically assigned to.

However, all of those work orders can be a lot to scroll through to find the one work order you need. This is why we have the ability to filter down and see only the Work Orders you need to based on say Locations or Assets or team!

Please note: By default the Mobile Apps (iOS and Android) show you the Home Screen Work Orders Dashboard. To get to the work orders list page, click the Work Orders Button at the bottom

How to Filter the Work Orders Page

When you log in and navigate to the work orders page, on both iOS and Android, the filters bar will look like this: (note the filters moving across the top)

From Left to Right (You can scroll or move this bar to the left to see more filters):

  • Additional Filters: Open up the full list of selectable filters (see image and gif below)

  • Me or My Work Filter: Select which users Works Orders have you listed as the Primary OR Alternate assigned user

  • Due Date: Select the Work Orders by Due Date, you can also find your past-due and unscheduled Work Orders

  • Status: Choose from any (or all) of the work order statuses: Open, On Hold, In Progress, Complete

  • Location: Find the Work Orders at the Location desired

  • Priority: Choose from any (or all) of the statuses: None, Low, Medium, High

  • Bookmarked: Any Work Orders that were saved to Bookmarks

Additional Filters

Here is how to see Additional Filters and a list of what each one does

List of Filters in Order:

  • Work Order Title: Search/Filter by Work Order Title

  • Work Order Status: Filter by specific status (note you can also set this filter on main work orders page)

  • Priority: Choose from any (or all) of the statuses: None, Low, Medium, High

  • Bookmarked: Show your bookmarked work orders

  • Person Assigned To: Select all the users assigned to Works Orders you want to see

  • Team Assigned To: Find Work Orders assigned to specific teams

  • Asset Assigned To: Find the Works by Asset assigned

  • Location Assigned To: Find the Work Orders at the Location desired

  • Category: See Work Orders based on desired categories

  • Requester: Find Work Orders requested by specific users

  • Due Date: Select the range of due dates you would like to see

  • Date Created: Select the range of date created

  • Person Created by: Find Work Orders created by specific users

  • Date Completed: Select the range of completion dates

  • Person Completed by: Find Work Orders completed by specific users

  • Updated Date: Select the range of Work Order updates

  • Reactive/Repeating: Select to filter by reactive one time work orders or work orders created by Pm Triggers (repeating)

  • Archived: We can choose whether to hide or show our Archived Work Orders

TIP: Once you've selected the filters you need, be sure to tap on the red Apply Filters button!

For questions or concerns please reach out to Support at [email protected] or via chat in your Upkeep account under Contact US.

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