What is a Tile? (Custom Dashboards)

There are 2 types of Dashboard Tiles, learn these types to maximize use of your Custom Dashboards!

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Adding tiles and text to a dashboard

Once you create a dashboard, the next step is to add tiles and text to the dashboard.

As you add tiles to a dashboard, the dashboard automatically sizes them and places them at the bottom of the dashboard, but you can move and resize tiles however you like.

You can also edit tiles after you’ve created them to adjust the names of the tiles, the visualizations, or the underlying queries or Looks.

When designing your dashboards, it's essential to consider the number and complexity of tiles and other elements you add. This optimization strategy ensures smoother performance and a more efficient user experience. πŸ–₯οΈπŸ“ŠπŸš€πŸ•’

Types of dashboard tiles

There are two kinds of tiles you can add to a dashboard:

  • Query tiles

  • Text tiles

Query tiles

Query tiles can be built directly within a dashboard or added to a dashboard.

A query tile is based on an independent query.

This is will be the most common tile you are creating and you will use a visualization to showcase the query.

Text tiles

Text tiles are built directly within a dashboard.

You can use text tiles to define visual sections on a dashboard and to add descriptions. Text tiles in dashboards are designed to have flexible formatting and to default to look more like headings and descriptions than tiles.

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