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Introduce your Team to the Request Portal Template Option
Introduce your Team to the Request Portal Template Option
Adopting a new system can be difficult and confusing - use this template to introduce the Request portal and be set up for long term success
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Beginning with our Professional Plan you will gain access to your Companies Request Portal. The Request Portal gives you a URL that you can distribute to Requesters who are outside your UpKeep team as well as the ability to receive requests by email.

Requesters will be updated with the status of those requests as they move from opened, in progress, on hold, and closed. As you go to roll this out to your team we have created a quick template you can use to make this announcement.

NOTE: This is a template to provide a starting point, but feel free to adjust and edit to suit and your team's needs!

Request Portal Introduction Template

Good morning team,

The Maintenance Department is excited to introduce a new and efficient way to make work order requests for maintenance issues.

UpKeep is a mobile maintenance work order solution that the _Company Name_ Maintenance Department has implemented to increase efficiency in maintenance solutions while keeping customer service our #1 goal. Upkeep will be used to initiate and track service requests.

Effective _Date_, we ask that all work order requests are submitted through UpKeep’s request portal.

To reach UpKeep’s request portal, you can access it from the below link. Included is a quick instructional video on how to submit a work order request.

Work Order Request Portal: (insert URL here; learn how to find your request portal URL here)

How to Submit Work Order Request Video:

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact _admin name_. Our #1 goal is ensuring the ease of adoption of this powerful maintenance tool across the company.

Thank you.


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