How to Import Meters

Learn to bulk import meters and create multiple meters at once!

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When your team is looking to keep track of the usage of your Assets, you can go to our Meters section. This way you can track historical usage over time. You also have the ability to use Meters to set-up Work Order Triggers.

If you already have your list of Meters that you want to set-up, you can import these into UpKeep quickly!

How to Import Meters

Select the Option Dots next to the +Meter button. Select Import Meter to be taken to the import page.


  • You can use CSV, XLS, XLSX, TSV or XML Format

    • You can also manually enter items to the table manually under import


Column Header

Example Entry

Acceptable Value/Format/Notes

A- Meter ID


The UpKeep ID of the Meter

  • NOTE: Only used if updating an existing Meter

B - Meter Title

Truck #1 - Mileage

Name of this meter

C - Unit of Measurement


The unit of measurement for this meter

  • NOTE: No special characters

D - Update Frequency


Number value only

  • NOTE: This is already in days so do not type in days/months

E - Category


Categorize your Meters for Filtering and Organizing

F - Assigned to Email

The email used in UpKeep of the assignee

G - Location Name


Where the Meter is being read

G - Asset Name

Truck #1

The name of the Asset associated to this Meter

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