How to Import Meter Readings

Import your past historical readings, allowing you to continue tracking the historical usage of this meter!

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Available On: Starter, Professional and Business Plus

With UpKeep's Meters feature, you can monitor the usage of your Assets, enabling tracking of historical usage and setting up Work Order Triggers!

After creating meters in your UpKeep account, you can import past historical readings to maintain continuity in meter tracking. Learn how to import previous meter readings in this article!

💡Your meters have to first be created in UpKeep in order to import your meter readings!

How to Import Meter Readings

  1. Start by navigating to your Meters section

  2. Click or open any existing meter

  3. Then, click on History

  4. Download the sample template for Importing Meter Readings

  5. Open the CSV in Excel or Google SheetsDo not add, change, or remove any Column Headers in Row 1Start adding your data/information in Row 2

  6. Once your data is filled out, save your CSV

  7. Upload the CSV!

NOTE: The maximum number of meter readings you can import at one time is 200!

Here is a quick GIF on where to find the right place to download the sample template and upload the meter readings:


NOTE: The ID refers to a unique, UpKeep assigned ID. You can find each 10-character ID in the URL when clicking into the location/asset/part/etc. All IDs can also be found when exporting each data set in Column A of the CSV!

Column Header

Example Entry

Acceptable Value/Format/Notes

A- Meter ID


This is the 10-character unique ID of the meter that you will add this reading to

B - Meter Reading



C - Reading Date

07/15/2021 23:58:35

Add your date and time

NOTE - The format must be: MM/DD/YYYY hh:mm:ss

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