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How to Add/Create/Edit Parts & Inventory
How to Add/Create/Edit Parts & Inventory

Maintain your entire parts & inventory so you know exactly where things are.

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Available On: Starter, Professional and Business Plus

With UpKeep, you can effortlessly manage your entire inventory, ensuring complete visibility of your assets' whereabouts. Our mobile-friendly barcode scanner makes accessing inventory information simple and convenient. Plus, you can set minimum quantity thresholds for your parts, allowing you to receive timely alerts when inventory levels fall below the minimum, ensuring you're always aware when parts are running low! πŸ“¦πŸ“±πŸ””

πŸ’‘ Already have your Parts data and want to skip ahead? Learn how to import your parts in bulk.

How to Add a Part

  1. Navigate to the Parts/Inventory section

  2. Add a new part to your inventory by pressing the Create Part button

  3. Include the part name, quantity, and other details such as the location or bin number. You can even add photos for those items that look very similar, so you can tell them apart!

  4. Click Create Part

TIP: Be sure to add a minimum quantity if you want to know when your inventory has dipped below the minimum.

Here is a quick demonstration on web on navigating through our NEW parts interface!

On iOS mobile:

TIP: When parts go out of stock, it will have a notification saying that it is out of stock or once the minimum quantity is reached it will have a notification saying that the inventory is running low. Track where your parts are in real-time by sorting by location.

NOTE: When parts are assigned to work orders, inventory will automatically be subtracted from your parts. You can also track the usage of all of your parts in the history section as well!

How to Use Parts/Inventory and Additional Information

Within the Parts tab, you are able to also:

  • Filter your Parts

  • Export your Parts

  • Customize your View

How to Filter your Parts (and create a quick filter)

On the top left-hand side of your Parts page is a Filters

Click on Reset button to clear any selected filters and start fresh.

How to Save a Quick filter: if there is a filter you use a lot or need quick access to, there are two Quick Filters (Status and Location)! These are ones that tend to be used a lot.

How to Export your Parts

You can export all of your parts. Or if you filter your parts first, you can export only the parts that have been sorted into your view.

How to Customize your Parts View

You can customize the table view to show you the fields most relevant to you or switch to a Gallery View! Look for those buttons and click on them for further customizability. See the video image below as an example:

Table View:

Image 1-13-2023 at 2.38 PM

Gallery View (formerly Card View):

Image 1-13-2023 at 2.38 PM

Quick Video Demonstration of Sorting and Organizing Column Views:

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