How to Edit Your Request Forms
With UpKeep we have the ability to edit our Request Forms so that we can get the information we desire to best create a Work Order
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Requests are a central part of any team’s WorkFlow. Requests can come in from different users throughout the team, which then needs to be approved by an Administrator to become a Work Order. With UpKeep you have the ability to edit your Request Forms so that you can get the information you need to create a Work Order.

There are request forms for:

  1. Requester Users: those added to your team and can log in using an email and password.

  2. Public Requesters: those may be submitting a request via the Public Request Portal or email. (The public request portal is a feature beginning with the Professional Plan.)

You can edit the request form to get the information you need to then create a work order. Once your requesters begin submitting a work request, they will only submit the information that you need.

TIP: Looking for instructions on how to submit and manage work requests? Your requests can find instructions on how to submit a request. Admins can find an article on how to create and manage requests!

How to Edit the Request Form for your In-App Users:

  1. Navigate to the Requests Tab

  2. Click on Edit Request Form

  3. Evaluate your Request Checklist

  4. Click on Add Task for custom task/form items on your request form.

  5. You can add a Task, Number Form Item, Task Form Item, Checklist Form Item, Multiple Choice Form.

  6. Enter your Form Question (and answers if you selected Multiple Choice).

  7. Check off Required if you’d like to make it a requirement to answer

  8. Set the default Request Items

  9. Allow your users to set Asset, Location, Worker Assigned, Due Date, Category, and Team.

  10. Toggle each permission to be Option, Hidden, or Required.

  11. Finally, click Save

Editing Your Request Form - Public Request Portal

Beginning with our Professional Plan, you will gain access to your Company Request Portal.

  1. Navigate to the Request Portal Tab

  2. Click on Edit Public Request Form Items

  3. Click on Add Task for custom task/form items on your request form.

  4. Toggle each default permission to be Optional, Hidden, or Required.

  5. Finally, click Save​​

TIP: You can also put your Companies Logo on the Request Portal! Learn more here!

For questions or concerns please reach out to Support at [email protected] or via chat in your Upkeep account under Contact US.

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