Filters are extremely important to help you and your team drive better insight into what’s going on.


The work orders created and closed serve as a conduit to your searches. Based on the work orders submitted, you can refine your search down to the keyword, date submitted, date completed, worker assigned, equipment serviced, and much more.

In addition to our advanced search and filter, you can also “save” your searches so you can create monthly reports and refer back to the same filters at a later time.

Default Quick Filters

From Left to Right:

  • User Assigned: Select which users Works Orders you want to see
  • Location: Find the Work Orders at the Location desired
  • Due Date: Select the Work Orders by Due Date, you can also find your past due and unscheduled Work Orders
  • Work Order Status: Choose from any (or all) of the statuses: Open, On Hold, In Progress, Complete
  • Priority: Choose from any (or all) of the statuses: None, Low, Medium, High

Additional Filters

Looking for more? Well we also have our Additional Filters!

  • Reactive or Repeating: We can choose all, or just by Reactive or Repeating Work Orders
  • Team: We can select work orders specifically assigned to our teams
  • Category: Find the Work Orders based upon your assigned categories
  • Created by: Find Work Orders created by specific users
  • Completed by: Find Work Orders completed by specific users
  • Requested by: Find Work Orders requested by specific users or from your Request Portal
  • Created Date: Search Work Orders based upon the date of creation
  • Completed Date:Search for Work Orders based upon the date of completion
  • Last Updated Date: Search for Work Orders based upon when they were last updated
  • Archived: We can choose whether to hide or show our Archived Work Orders

We also offer the ability to export the filtered reports to CSV or PDF files for further analysis. 

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