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How to Create, Manage, and Edit Work Orders
How to Create, Manage, and Edit Work Orders

This article explains how to use our work orders feature to build, manage, and process your workflow with our mobile and web applications.

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Available On: Lite, Starter, Professional and Business Plus

Use work orders to track the maintenance of your assets. These work orders are used to track labor, parts, and additional costs to further help you optimize asset longevity.

How to Create Work Orders

1 - On the Work Orders Page, click on + Work Order

2 - Enter in your Work Order Info, including:

  • Title

  • Description

  • Images

  • Due Date

  • Estimated Duration, Category

  • Main Worker/Additional Worker/Team

  • Location

  • Asset

  • Tasks/Checklists/Files

3 - Submit to create the work order!

TIP: If your assets are already assigned to a location, you can just select the asset, the location will automatically be assigned to the work order as well!

TIP: You can also create Work Orders through your Asset. Click into the Asset section, select the Asset, then select the Work Orders tab. You will then see a + Work Order button.

How to Process your Work Orders

By processing, we mean how to complete work orders and add notes on what work may have been completed.

1 - Click to open the desired work order

2 - Review the work order description/location/assets and any parts/tools needed

3 - Change the Status of the work order to In Progress or On Hold (or Start the timer)

4 - Complete the WO's tasks/checklist (if applicable)

5 - Add any Parts (Quantity used)//Time (this is manual and optional if you didn't start the timer)//Additional Costs

6 - Include Updates or messages in the “Update Section” (Web App - Select Updates; Mobile App - Swipe Right or tap Updates)

7 - Once the work order is completed, update the status to “Complete”


How to Edit a Work Order

NOTE: This is going to be very similar to creating a work order, except you can change the details of an existing work order or add new information.

  1. On the “Work Orders” page, click on the desired work order

  2. Select the Pencil on the right side of the Work Order

  3. Make desired edits in the corresponding fields

  4. Click “Update Work Order”

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