This is one of the core reasons why we created UpKeep. The true user friendliness doesn’t come out until you really try the product yourself though! We can tell you how easy it is to use, but only when our customers actually use the product, do they begin to really see why that is!

When we first started UpKeep, we saw how many CMMS implementations failed. And the most common reason, by far, was that it was just too difficult to learn and adoption never caught on. This was the problem we wanted to solve and this is what we’ve done today. We have created a system that is easy to use, extremely user friendly, and actually makes the technician’s job easier. Typically, desktop based maintenance systems, require more work from the end technician and commonly includes a lot of double or even triple entry for them! With UpKeep, that transfer of knowledge from the site to the actual CMMS is simple and seamless. Technicians simply record all of their data from out in the field and never have to worry about taking notes on a paper and pencil and then transferring it to a desktop based maintenance management system.

See for yourself how easy and user friendly UpKeep is today!

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