Reporting is seamless and is done automatically for you. At the end of the day, reports give you a high level overview about your business, how much money, how much time is being spent, who is doing what maintenance jobs, and gaps in where we can improve as a facility. 

Want to see reports on how much money is being spent? No problem.

Reporting on who is doing what and which assets are giving your team the most issues? No problem.

Need to create reports for the next audit or safety inspection? Easily done within UpKeep!

Our core premise relies on the fact that UpKeep allows users to easily submit data into the system. UpKeep makes it simple and quick to take notes and ensure quality at each step of the maintenance job. With all of this powerful data into the system, reporting becomes seamless and gives you better transparency into what is going on and why. 

We also allow you to export data into an excel spreadsheet where you can do your own analysis here as well!

While there is a saying Garbage In Garbage Out (,_garbage_out). UpKeep is the complete opposite. We have seen many times over that high quality data in also leads to very high quality reporting and analysis of your facility and how it can be better run.

Seeking more reporting? Check out our Custom Dashboards

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