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Submitting Feature Request
Submitting Feature Request
Submitting your Upkeep Ideas Has Never Been Easier!
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Ever get a really cool idea in your head and think I wish that was in Upkeep? Well now you have a platform to talk directly with our Product Team! Welcome to Upkeep's Feature Idea Forum! A place where you can share ideas with Upkeep, see other ideas posted, vote on ideas you think would be a great addition, and much more.

First off, how does one access this new idea forum? I'm glad you asked!

1) Login to our web application by visiting here. You will notice on the left-hand section towards bottom left corner, a Provide feedback link.

Image 11-16-2022 at 9.23 AM

2) Click this link to take you to the Upkeep Idea Forum! :)

Image 11-16-2022 at 9.28 AM

Notice on the upper-right corner, you are already logged into the Forum! This is because your login for Upkeep is the same for this forum as well. No need to remember two logins!

So now that I'm here, how do I submit a feature request? Good Question!

1) On the main page, you can go to any category your idea falls under and see something like this.

Image 11-16-2022 at 9.30 AM

2) Where it says "Enter your idea" this is the starting point to get your idea out there! It will look something like this.

Image 11-16-2022 at 9.31 AM

And that is it! Once you post your idea, people can vote for it, and add comments!

Please do keep in mind, submitting a request will ensure your idea is looked at and discussed, but it never guarantees implementation. Also, we do have a process in place to prioritize feature request cases based on overall customer impact and alignment with our quarterly roadmap strategy.

For more information on our forum guidelines, please see this link.

Now get out there and start posting your ideas away! ;)

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