In your UpKeep account, you can bulk import NEW PM Triggers and bulk UPDATE SOME data on existing PM Triggers to allow for a quicker more efficient account set up and updating.

This video below will walk you through how to import and create NEW PM Triggers. To be able to better follow along, we advise you review the How to Import Assets doc below and download the template.

Video (length 17:22)

How to Bulk Update SOME data on PM Triggers

In this video below we will walk you through how to bulk update EXSISTING PM Triggers, as well as what data CANNOT be updated.

Fields that CANNOT be Updated via Bulk Import:

  1. Starts on/Due date

  2. Repeating Schedule

  3. Create first work order now

Video (length 7:30)

For any questions or concerns please reach out to technical Support via chat or email [email protected]

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