Adding Parts to PM Triggers
Parts can be configured within a PM Trigger so that each time a work order is created, it will have the parts already added.
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Admins can save time on adding the same parts to the same work orders on a regular basis by using this feature. This allows admins to forecast parts usage and begin budgeting with a higher degree of confidence and accurately consume inventory.

Notes on Parts in PM triggers

Creating a new trigger

  • When creating the trigger, you have the option to add parts to the trigger. These parts will be applied to each work order created from the PM trigger.

When editing a trigger

  • If a trigger was created with or without parts, this can be modified at any time in the future.

  • Updating the trigger to include parts will update CURRENT, OPEN work orders and FUTURE work orders (impacting the trigger from this point in time and forward; it does not apply retroactively).

Inventory Rules

  • When a work order is triggered from the PM trigger, the parts are immediately deducted from inventory (so this is based on when the WO in a trigger is CREATED).

Adding Parts to a Trigger

1 - Under the organization section, there is a Parts section! Just as you would adding parts to a reactive work order, you can add parts to the PM trigger.

2 - Select the parts you need

3 - Adjust your quantities for each part!

4 - Finish creating the rest of your trigger and save!

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