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How to Migrate Legacy Asset Custom Properties to New Asset Custom Fields!
How to Migrate Legacy Asset Custom Properties to New Asset Custom Fields!
Learn to convert your legacy custom properties to our new Custom Fields for more functionality!
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Overview and FAQ

What is this for?

  • UpKeep has revamped and redesigned custom properties/asset templates within assets. Previously, our legacy custom properties were not filterable, sortable, reportable, or exportable. With our new Custom Fields, you WILL be able to do all this (filter, view in the table, sort, export, and report).

Why is this needed?

  • Some of you may already have data in our legacy custom properties. This will be needed to take your existing custom properties and convert them to the new functionality! This method will help you easily and quickly convert your properties to the new Custom Fields!

Do I have to migrate my custom properties to new custom fields?

  • No, initially, you don't have to. However, we highly recommend them as custom properties are no longer supported and existing custom properties that have not been migrated will eventually be removed altogether.

How does the migration work?

For each custom property you had, it will automatically convert to a new custom field!

If the custom property:

  • Is less than 255 characters long, we will create a short text type custom field

  • Is more than 255 characters long, we will create a Long Text type Custom Field

  • Share the exact same name (case sensitive), they will be combined so multiple of the same fields aren’t created

Once the migration is successful, all existing custom properties will be deleted to avoid duplication of data.

Steps to Migrate

We will essentially be bulk updating existing assets using a CSV, but the steps are listed below as well for this process.

1 - Navigate to the Asset page

2 - Click on the 3 dots and click on Import

4 - Click on Download Current Assets

5 - On the CSV file, you’ve just downloaded, you can add a new column at the very end (COLUMN AD)

  • Label the column: “Migrate_Custom_Properties”

  • NOTE: ONLY the column header/label is needed, all rows in this column should be blank


  • “Migrate_Custom_Properties” is NOT case sensitive

  • Make sure all rows in Column AD (Migrate_Custom_Properties) is left BLANK

6 - Save the file, then upload to UpKeep’s import page!

7 - Once uploaded, you should be all set!

Your existing custom properties are now updated to the new Custom Fields! You can also now filter, export, sort, and report on these new fields to be able to report on the information critical to your business!

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