Although complexity and need for things to be static as mentioned, are reasons that these solutions might be hindered, or rather these are common excuses. Many of the industry leaders within enterprise software are built within a platform that all the actions reside. 

Most of these platforms were created in the early days of the internet and revamping or completely restructuring a software at the implementation scale that it is already within can be very costly and ultimately completely change a work flow for customers that might be relying on it.

Alternative to this, is that our development process in the current (mobile-first) world far exceeds what the initial platforms started with. This goes as far as capability and general input methods that are now available (touch screen ui, force touch, etc…). Although some of the larger enterprise solutions are taking notice, you don’t have to settle for these out-dated feeling software solutions. We could be biased here, but our solution fits the core needs of many enterprises as a CMMS / EAM solution and is far from outdated in its feel and core functionalities.

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