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How to add multiple assets to a single work order
How to add multiple assets to a single work order
Learn to assign multiple assets in a single work order using checklist task!
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Currently, UpKeep does not allow for assigning or selecting multiple assets within a single work order. As a best practice, we do recommend that each asset has its own work order so the work order can be saved to each asset's history.

However, if you would still like to assign multiple assets to the same work order, follow the steps below!

NOTE: This method will not save the work order to the assets' work order history. If you need to make sure the work order is saved to each of the assets' work order history, this will not work for you. Each asset should have its own work order.

In order to assign multiple assets in a single work order, each asset needs to be assigned to a (checklist) task within the work order.

Method 1: Reusable Checklist Tasks

  1. Navigate to the Settings page

  2. Click on Checklists

  3. Then click on + Add Checklist

  4. Name your checklist so it can be easily found

  5. Next, click on + Add Task

  6. For each task, you can select the task type and title the task (for example, using the asset's name)

  7. On the right side of each task, there are 3 vertical dots, click on those dots and click on Assign Asset

  8. Select the asset that will be assigned to each of your tasks

  9. (Complete the rest of the checklist as needed)

  10. Then click on Save Checklist

When creating or editing a work order, you can select the checklist!

Once your work order is saved with the checklist, you'll see individual tasks on the work order assigned to all the assets.

Method 2: Creating One Time Tasks in a Work Order

This is similar to creating the checklist and assigning the assets to individual tasks, except the checklist tasks won't be reusable in other work orders.

When creating or editing a work order, click on + Task instead of + Checklist!

  1. Create a new work order

  2. Then, click Tasks

  3. Next, click on + Task to add a task

  4. Next to each task, click on the 3 vertical dots to assign the asset to that task

  5. Once you've added all the tasks and assigning the assets, click on Add Tasks to save

  6. Finally, click Submit to save the work order and create it!

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