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How to Edit your PM Trigger Creation Cadence
How to Edit your PM Trigger Creation Cadence

Learn to control when your work orders from a preventive maintenance trigger show up in your list!

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Available On: Starter, Professional and Business Plus

You can edit the PM trigger cadence with new triggers that you are creating or pre-existing triggers!

Default Behavior of PM Triggers

All preventive maintenance triggers generate work orders on a default cadence. This cadence is a full cycle in advance, depending on the schedule you have set. They are created in the system and show as Open.

The breakdown for the repeating schedule when select is as follows:

  • Daily (Days) - WOs are created 1 day before their due date

  • Weekly (Weeks)- WOs are created 1 week before their due date

  • Monthly (Months) - WOs are created 4 weeks (28 days) before their due date

  • Yearly (Years) - WOs are created 3 months before their due date

EXAMPLE: If you set up a trigger to repeat Every 1 Month on Day 30, the work order will be created 28 days before the 30th of the month; the work order is created on the 2nd of the month.

NOTE: The Starts On date is when the trigger is expected to begin firing off new work orders and will likely coincide with the due date of your first work order. But if your Starts On date doesn't match the criteria for your repeating schedule, it will skip your Starts On date and move to the next date that matches the criteria.

  • If you create a trigger on Nov 15, 2021, and the Starts On date is Dec 14, 2021, and your trigger repeats regularly every month on Day 16

  • The Start Date does not fall on Day 16 of the month.

  • It will skip Dec 14th and the first work order in the trigger will be due Jan 16, 2022.

Quick Note - Creating First Work Order Now

When creating a new trigger, you have the option to select whether to create the first work order now when your repeats field is set to REGULARLY. This is super helpful for anyone looking to schedule triggers many months or years in the future, without seeing the work order already active in their list!

If selected, when you create and save the trigger, the first work order in the trigger will generate right away and show up in your work order queue.

If you unselect this box, that first work order will NOT generate once you save the trigger until the specific time frame of Schedule and Creation Cadence have been met!

Additional behavior:

  • Editing a PM before work order created - At any time after the trigger has been created but before the Schedule has activated, a user may select the “Create first work order now” option. This will trigger a work order to be initiated, just as it functions today

  • Editing a PM after work order created - If a trigger was created with this option enabled, a work order will be created immediately, and that option can no longer be altered. The option will also become disabled after the initial schedule sequence has passed and a work order was created naturally.

Editing the Trigger Cadence

The default cadence will be shown when you edit a pre-existing PM trigger or create a new trigger.

NOTE: You cannot clear this field and the default cadence will reflect the structure outlined above ☝️

NOTE: You cannot edit the cadence of work orders that are scheduled “After Completion.” Here's what that error message will return:

Trigger Cadence Options

There are two main options for indicating cadence.

TIP: The cadence is always based on the work order’s due date (for weekly, it is based on the due date of the first work order in the weekly batch).

Trigger Cadence Option 1 - Specific period of time before WO due date:

You can select a specific number of:

  • Days

  • Weeks

  • Months

  • Years

before that work order is due.

Example: 2 Days before they're due.

  • A work order is scheduled with a due date of 12/31/3000.

  • The work order will be created and show as Open in your list of work orders on 12/29/3000.

Trigger Cadence Option 2 - Specific day of the week before WO due date

You can select which day of the week you want this work order to be triggered on before its due date (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday).

Example: On the Fri before they're due

  • A work order is scheduled with a due date of 12/31/3000 (it's a Wednesday)

  • The WO is created and will show as Open in your list of work orders on 12/26/3000 (it's a Friday).

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