What happens if I need more than 25 sensors or more than 5 gateways?

Once you need more than 25 sensors and 5 gateways, you’ll need to upgrade to our Sensors Unlimited package where you can get bulk pricing and enterprise agreements.

Please reach out to our team at [email protected]!

Is there a recurring fee?

Yes, due to bandwidth and hardware fees storage fees, we charge a monthly recurring fee to keep the upfront costs down.

You only pay a recurring fee on the software licenses. All hardware purchases are one time costs, however.

Learn more about pricing here.

Which plan of UpKeep Maintenance Management do I have to be on?

As of today, you must have the UpKeep Maintenance Management – Business Plus Package in order to be a Sensors Customer.

You can always upgrade to the Business Plus package and learn more about the pricing here!

How much does UpKeep Sensors cost?

In order to utilize UpKeep Sensors, you must purchase both the software license and hardware separately.

Our pricing for the UpKeep Sensors software starts at $500 per month for up to 5 gateways and 25 sensors.

For the hardware, each sensor starts at $149 and $399 for each gateway. These are both one-time costs.

Learn more about the full pricing here!

Do I have to subscribe to UpKeep Maintenance Management to also utilize UpKeep sensors?


One of the biggest value-adds comes from setting automated triggers that create work orders directly into your UpKeep account based on a sensor passing certain threshold criteria.

As of today, you must be an UpKeep Maintenance Management customer (on the business plus package or higher) in order to also use UpKeep Sensors.

Learn more about UpKeep Maintenance Management Pricing here

I am not an UpKeep customer, can I purchase just the sensors?

Not as of today. Our sensors are proprietary and only work with the UpKeep Sensors software platform.

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