You can add Customers to your UpKeep account. This information can be used for invoices or notating who you are performing your service for! This article explains how you can quickly import your customer information!

Learn more about using Vendors & Customers here. Otherwise, find a video tutorial on importing Vendors & Customers here!

How to Import Customers

  1. Download the Customer Data Import Template sheet.

  2. Open the CSV file in Excel/Google Sheets

  3. Do not add, remove or change any headers in Row 1

  4. Add in your data beginning with Row 2

  5. Save the CSV file

  6. Upload the new CSV under the Vendors & Customers tab > Customers > Import > Import your File.

NOTE: You can only import a maximum of 200 customers on each CSV file. Currently, the maximum amount of total customers that you can save in your account is 1000.

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