There are quite a lot of advantages when it comes to cloud-based maintenance management applications. Simply, anything that is cloud-based means that the application is hosted through the internet. These applications are often utilized in CMMS tools, much like UpKeep.

1. Ease of use

First of all, if your application or data is stored within a cloud service then you can access it just about anywhere. Wherever you bring a mobile device, yup you guess it, you’ve got access. This is especially handy if your application is specifically designed for a mobile usage.

2. Backup

If your using a cloud-based system, and it’s done correctly, the server hosting your information is often hosted between multiple locations. Meaning that if you ever lose your locally hosted information (say your computer is on the fritz), then you still have a back up of all your data in a secure location.

3. Real-time Collaboration

When using a cloud-based application, it means that anything anyone does is immediately related to the group at large. This means if you’re editing a document then others who have access can also edit in real-time while also seeing what your edits are impacting. This level of transparency and immediacy really bolsters a team environment and allows for collaborations that simply traditional applications can’t match.

4. Always Updated

The greatness that comes with cloud-based computing is that the data and software is hosted off-site. This means that up-time is constant and that updates to bugs and errors can be rolled out instantly. Making sure that your application is running smoothly and allows you to focus on what matters; your work.

5. History

When any changes are made within a cloud-based maintenance management application (like UpKeep), they’ll have a time stamp to when any updates have taken place. This gives you the full picture oh what happened if something goes wrong or you need to look back on all the maintenance you’ve performed on a given asset, time frame, or by whom.

Not working out of a Cloud-Based Maintenance Management application?

UpKeep was designed as a mobile-first solution to maintenance management. You can reap all the benefits from joining the cloud as mentioned and more

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