With UpKeep, you can track the uptime/downtime of your equipment. On our Business Plus Plan, you have the ability to change the Status of your Assets between operational and not operational. You can even create custom offline statuses as well!

When the status is changed to not operational, our system begins adding that downtime to give you an uptime percentage – which your team can use to evaluate the health of your asset!

Otherwise, you can check your asset downtime!

TIP: Learn more about the importance of tracking asset/equipment downtime!

How to Change the Asset Status

  1. Go to your Assets/Units/Equipment Section

  2. Click on the desired Asset

  3. Change Status

  4. If Asset is Not Operational, it will be highlighted in Red on the list​

How to see your Uptime Percentage

  1. Navigate to your Assets/Units/Equipment Section

  2. Click into the asset to open the overview page

  3. On the right side, under Reliability, there is Uptime percentage calculated!

  4. Uptime Percentage will be also one of the table headers that you can select from your table customization button

Overview page (individual asset):

Asset Table Column Customization:

TIP: You can also click into an asset > go to Downtime. Uptime Percentage is calculated there along with downtime percentage.

How to set Custom Asset Statuses

This will allow you to categorize why your asset was offline.

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