With UpKeep, you can track the downtime of your equipment. On our Business Plus Plan, you have the ability to change the Status of your Assets between operational and not operational. When the status changes to not operational, our system will begin adding that downtime to give you an uptime percentage so your team can evaluate the health of your asset.

This article will go over how you can create custom asset statuses that you can then use when an asset is not operational. Custom Asset Statuses will provide categorization on WHY an asset was offline.

Customizing your categories can be extremely important for you and your team. It can help with reporting purposes and identifying trends such as what assets have been offline recently and for what reason. Or you can use to better organize, filter, and sort your assets. Use these custom categories to take control of your data!

How to Create Custom Asset Statuses

  1. Navigate to the Categories Section

  2. Click on the Asset Status tab

  3. Then select + Category to add a new Custom Asset StatusTo edit an existing category, click on the 3 vertical dots next to an existing category

Now that you’ve added the custom categories for Asset status, you can use them when an asset is offline!

TIP: Examples of Asset Statuses include error codes or specific/unique reasons your assets were offline.

TIP: Check out how to add Asset Downtime!

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