In UpKeep, you have the ability to add custom data fields to your assets. These custom data fields can be assigned to your asset to keep track of additional information or properties that don't belong in the default fields.

If you will be adding these additional properties to multiple assets, you can create an Asset Template that you can quickly insert into the asset!

NOTE: Custom Data cannot be exported onto a CSV at this time. If you would need to export this information, it will need to be added to a default field instead of its own custom field.

How to Create an Asset Template

  1. Go to your Assets section
  2. Click on the 3 Vertical Option Dots
  3. Select Manage Template
  4. Enter in Template Name
  5. Select + Add Property to add Fields
  6. Click Save

How to Add Template to Asset​

  1. Navigate to the Asset section
  2. Select + Asset
  3. Enter in Asset Information
  4. Select + Template
  5. Save Asset​​

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