Within this Onboarding period, your team will establish its workflow and empower your users to be ready for success.

It offers all the features of the Self-Starter Package and includes set-up assistance of a dedicated Implementation Manager who will assist your team with training and best practices throughout your partnership with UpKeep.

Onboarding Milestones

Your Implementation Manager will guide your team through the account set-up process. This will include:

  • A Kick-Off Call: To help establish your team's goals and set a date for your team's training session

  • Data Collection: Collecting your Location and Asset Data

  • Account Configuration: Migrating your Location and Asset into your UpKeep Account

  • Configure Workflow and Final Setup: Inviting your team into UpKeep, Setting up your Request Form

  • Complete Team Training: A 60-minute remote Team Training Session to help empower your technicians and set your team up for success.

Establishing your UpKeep Workflow

The Implementation Manager will help your team establish its workflow. This will depend on factors such as if the requests are internal, external or your team is more preventative maintenance based. We will go over your team's current KPIs and if your team does not have any we can help prescribe and establish them. This way we can evaluate and celebrate your team's success.

Interested in Professional Onboarding? Contact us and we’ll help get your team all set!

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