Attend a Webinar

At UpKeep we offer different webinars that are aimed to educate and assist your team in getting set-up.

This includes Daily Team Training and Best Practice Webinars. We also offer a Weekly importing webinar where we go over how to get your information into UpKeep. Our Weekly Office Hour is a live Q & A session with a Product Expert.

Each month we also do a webinar that will go over all of the new features within UpKeep and how to implement them to streamline your maintenance team.

Use our Resources

More of the do-it-yourself type? Well, we’ve created resources you can follow to set-up UpKeep for your company!

Our Customer Success team is a constant resource for your team during onboarding. Any time you have questions regarding set-up you can communicate with our team by chat, email, and phone. Feel free to let us know any questions you have along the way our team is here to help!

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