Caio Almeida

Maintenance Manager,

Atrium Offices, LLC

Upkeep improved the task communication in my building. Telling my team what to do and when to do, made all the staff be more efficient. Thanks Upkeep for making such a professional and friendly user app!

Pros: User friendly, quick response, instant task communication to all my team, ability to upload pictures for the team, and much more

Craig Bushcer

Project manager,


We have used this software for about 9 month works great and they are always improving the quality of the finished product.

Pros: Easy to set up and functions well, the information we have gained from the software have improved our profits and check back on extra inventory

Edna Andrade

Director of Digital fabrication.,

3D Factory Mx

I've had a great experience using the software to manage 3D printing work orders and managing filament inventory

Pros: Great for managing work orders and inventory. We can manage multiple location work orders, assets and inventory without hassle. Another pro is the capability to make reports.

Jeffrey Paden

Maintenance supervisor,

Stericycle inc Richmond

I must be honest. I have reviewed the function and possibilities. I have discussed the use of this app with other maintenance mechanics within my company. They love it and I am excited to begin setting it up for my remote location. Being the only mechanic for my company within a 100-mile radius, this should help me remember scheduled and daily maintenance and preventative maintenance on my machines. I love how it is tailored just for my exact needs. My fellow mechanics in Baltimore want to help me set it up and start running it with it. I have 4 conveyors, 1 heavy duty Shredder with a 100 HP motor, steam vessel, cart washer, compactors and air compressor to manage daily. This app will help to organize my day and prioritize repair needs. I am very very excited.

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