Right now there are 2 main types of notifications. Push notifications and email notifications.

You will receive a push notification to your device under the following circumstances:

Direct Push Notifications

1 - A new work order is assigned to you (and not created by you)
2 - A new request was created (all admin users are sent a push notification to your group)
3 - A new message is sent to you
4 - A work order is assigned to a team that you belong to (and not created by you)
5 - A work order you have created has had it's status changed (ex. Open --> Closed)

Daily Email Notifications

1 - As an admin user you will receive a work order summary email daily in the mornings (sometimes during the midday). Note: You will only receive a work order summary if a work order was completed by someone in your group the previous day
2 - As a technical or limited technical user, you will receive a list of overdue work orders that were assigned to you

How to Turn On/Off Notifications

You can turn on and off email notifications on the advanced settings pageĀ 


If you would like to only turn off your push notifications, but still receive all email notifications, you can do that directly from your device under settings and notifications.

Additionally, you will not receive any push notifications if your user is marked as "off-shift" in the application.

If you are having difficulty receiving push notifications to your device

Try uninstalling the application, and then reinstalling the app. Send a test by sending a work order from a different device and assigning it to the user logged in from the original user.

If you are having difficulty receiving email notifications

Check your spam and send a test email by assigning a work order to you from a different user account that is part of the same company.

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